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no matter how hungry i am i can't bring myself to eat my daughter's sweets - even their chocolate and sometimes it drives me mad knowing there's choc in the house that i can't eat.

we've still got Easter eggs in our house !


Send the Easter Eggs to us. We'll eat them.

And Anne - sorry I'm not there to share the gummy handcuffs. Feeling homesick now. Sitting and typing outside the Patagonia store, where there seems to be a wifi connection. About to have something from Taco Del Mar for tea.


i think they've melted now (my children not the chocolate) !

i've decided to implement a more communal policy on family sweets. from now on it's every man for himself. and since i'm the only man, i should be ok.


Glad to hear that you are no longer holding back on your children's sweets. Really, it's in their own best interests for us, the parents, to eat as many as possible. This is true on so many levels.



i ate half of esther's last remaining egg this evening. it's a month out of date, but still tasted good.

oh the liberation !

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