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Another Anne

I'm really enjoying these stories. They sound familiar! My son Tommy is coming up for 5 and obsessed with Star Wars as well. I love the amazing logic kids have and their ideas about the future. The nursery were asking what everyone wanted to be when they grew up and Tommy said "Tarzan". I was very proud. I liked Arthur's kids' names especially.


Tarzan sounds like a fine career choice, and no need for poxy university first. Arthur says he's going to be a builder, then a Jedi Knight. Important to get some money in his pocket first I suppose.

Re Star Wars, does Tommy know about Star Wars III? Clearly, not appropriate to take a five year old but, in our case, only because Arthur's scared of the cinema in general. I can't really imagine that there's anything more scary in number III but maybe that just shows how rubbish we've been as parents, letting him get involved in the first place. We'll wait for the video though because a) Arthur might not cope with a 20 foot high Sith Lord and b) others will frown upon us if we try to sneak him into the cinema.

Another Anne

Neil has broached the subject and he knows he can't see it in the pictures. He seems to be okay with waiting for the DVD, and I'm relieved as I don't really fancy it. He hasn't seen any of the films yet so I think we can get away with watching the first few and he'll never know the difference.

Is Arthur scared of all pictures? You've certainly not been rubbish parents, unless we're all rubbish. I don't know how you could stop kids loving Star Wars, and secretly I think it could be a lot worse. Tommy went through a Dora the Explorer phase and that was murder.


Arthur is pretty much scared of all shows, cinemas etc. We had a great success once with the Postman Pat show, which saw Arthur dancing in his seat, shouting out and generally joining in. Fabulous, but never to be repeated. It's a bit frustrating as he did have such a great time that day that I know he'd enjoy other stuff too. Still, I've spent enough shows sitting in the theatre lobby to know that forcing the issue is not a good plan.

And, when you think about it, neither Russell or I would ever be caught clapping along so why would our son be any different.


You can see the final results of the cake story here - http://russelldavies.typepad.com/planning/2005/05/soft_play_vader.html.

Though there will be a phase two, as we've promised to try and make a Millennium Falcon next week, for Arthur's real birthday.


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And that my friends, is what I call the end.


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